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What's New @ OECD

Want to stay in-the-know about the OECD’s reports, data and events? Subscribe to our corporate newsletter, What’s New @ OECD. This twice monthly newsletter delivers important updates via email including our latest content covering a wide range of issues and policy areas. 

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Saved Search Alerts

You can save your site searches for later re-use and convert them to receive content alerts matching the saved searches. The site checks daily if new content has been uploaded and sends you an e-mail with a list of items that matches your saved search. Don't worry, if no new content is matching your search criteria no email will be sent to you. This powerful feature can be used to get an alert if a new publication is released in a series, e.g. OECD Economic Surveys as a saved title search or more research focused e.g. 'vaccination' AND 'Germany' searching all fields.

A personal registration is required to take advantage of this feature.

How to set up a Saved Search Alert:

  1. Make sure you have a personal registration and are logged in
  2. Search the site with the Quick Search box at the top of the page or via the Advanced Search page
  3. Once the search results are to your liking, use the Save this Search option in the right-hand tool box on the Search Results page
  4. Select the search from your Search History and save it to a folder or leave it as a single item, and click Go
  5. From the list of Saved Searches select the searches you wish to convert and Receive Email Alerts for.

You can always revise the settings or delete an alert you have set up from the My Profile page > View Search Alerts.

RSS Feed

All collection and series pages on OECD iLibrary contain a RSS feed at the top of the page you can subscribe to and receive RSS feeds via your RSS reader or browser plug-in.
Setting up a RSS feed depends on your web browser and RSS reader application.

For example: A top level RSS feed at a thematic collection - Education Theme page - https://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/rss/content/theme/oecd-31/latest?fmt=rss
or the RSS feed at the OECD Economics Department Working Papers series page -  https://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/rss/content/collection/18151973/latest?fmt=rss

Navigate the site and subscribe to the RSS feed of content that interests you.

OECD iLibrary Newsletter

Designed specifically for librarians and information managers, this monthly newsletter provides information about:

  • OECD iLibrary feature updates and developments
  • Tips on making the best use of the site
  • Details of upcoming events and webinars
  • A selection of recent publication releases

To sign up, log in as administrator and follow the link in the Information & News section featured on the Administration menu page.

If you are a librarian at a subscribing institution and do not know your administrator login, ask amongst your colleagues or contact us.

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